5 Things That Can Cause Your Washing Machine to Leak

Posted on: 25 November 2020

If your washing machine starts leaking, you'll want to uncover the reason quickly. If the washer only leaks when it's in use, you might avoid problems for a while by not using your washer. If water collects on the floor even if the washer isn't in use, shut off the water supply and call a washer repair service right away before water damage is done to your floor. Here are five possible reasons for a leaky washing machine.

1. The Drain Hose Has a Hole

If you can detect when and where water leaks, that helps narrow down the cause. If water only leaks when the washer is spinning, the problem might be the drain hose. If the hose has a hole or other damage, the washer repair service can replace the old hose with a new one.

2. The Water Pump Is Leaking

If the water pump has developed a leak, the puddle of water may form underneath the washing machine. When the water pump leaks, it often has to be replaced. This requires working on the internal parts of the washer, and that gives the repair person a chance to check the belt and other parts for wear and make additional repairs if needed.

3. The Door Seal Is Bad

If you have a front load washer and the door seal is bad, you might see water leaking from around the door. You can sometimes fix this problem by cleaning the seal. If that doesn't help, the seal might need to be replaced. When the old seal is taken out, the repair person will probably clean the area well before putting in the new seal. Once all the parts are back in place, the new seal can be tested to make sure it seals tight and no water gets through.

4. The Tub Is Rusted

If the tub seal wears down, water can leak from the tub. Water might also leak from the tub if the tub is rusted and develops a hole or crack. Problems with the tub can be serious when rust is involved. Your washer repair professional might suggest getting a new washer if your washer is leaking due to rust on parts other than metal washers that can be replaced.

5. A Water Supply Hose Is Leaking

A leaky fill hose could turn into a big problem because of the water damage it can cause. A bad fill hose might leak even when your washer isn't running. A bad hose could have a slow leak that you don't notice, or the hose could rupture. That's why it's important to check the fill hoses regularly. A hose might leak at a connection simply because it's loose. In that case, you can tighten the connections and stop the leak. A hose might also leak due to a bad rubber washer. This can be fixed by replacing the washer or buying a new hose that comes with a new washer.

Damage to the hose itself is more serious because a damaged hose might suddenly burst. A fill hose is inexpensive, so replacing it is an inexpensive washer repair. However, the water damage a burst hose causes is the more important concern. If you ever see water dripping from the hose, it's good to replace the hose as soon as possible.