What To Try When Your Dryer Doesn't Get Hot Enough To Dry Your Clothes

Posted on: 5 November 2019

When your dryer doesn't get hot enough to dry your clothes quickly, the time it takes to do your laundry can slow to a crawl. If you live in an apartment or condo, you may not be able to hang clothes out in the sun, so your only choice may be to go to a laundromat, which is inconvenient. Here are things to try when your dryer doesn't get hot.

Check The Power Source

Whether your dryer is electric or gas, check the power source to be sure the dryer has full power. It's possible the dryer will be able to tumble, but not have power to the parts that heat up the air. If you're not sure how to check the power supply, then call a dryer repair service so they can check it. However, before you call, you should check for clogs first.

Look For Lint Clogs

If your dryer system is clogged up with lint, it won't be able to dry as effectively. Clean out the lint trap and also check the vent. You may not be able to see inside the vent, but you can hold your hand near the vent where it exits outside while the dryer is running. If you feel a strong flow of air, even if it's cool, that's a sign a clog is not the problem. If you can barely feel air coming out of the vent, then the vent might be clogged with lint and need to be cleaned by a repair service.

Have The Components Checked

If the problem is not something easy like a lint clog or the gas supply being turned off, then it's time to call in a dryer repair service. There are a few components that can break down and keep the air from getting hot in the dryer even though the dryer continues to tumble. The thermostat, heating element, or fuse could be bad. When these parts go bad, they usually have to be replaced rather than repaired.

One last thing to consider when you're not happy with the heat level in your dryer is that the settings on the dryer are set for high heat and that you're drying similar items. Overloading the dryer, drying heavy things with light fabrics, or loading the dryer with clothes that are not spun dry can affect how well the dryer heats up. Since fixing the problem of a dryer that won't get hot may require opening the appliance and working on electrical parts, calling in a repair person could be the right way to get your dryer back in service quickly.

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