Is It Worth Fixing A Microwave?

Posted on: 27 February 2019

A microwave is not an appliance we expect to be fixing on a regular basis. This means that when they breakdown, you'll have to ask yourself whether fixing it makes more sense than replacing it.

Like any other appliance, microwaves can be fixed. Depending on how it was manufactured and the conditions under which it operates, you may not even have to wait that long before it breaks down. However, certain factors often make it seem like repairing a microwave isn't a sound decision financially. Is it worth it to fix your microwave?

What Is Issue with the Microwave?

This is the most important question you can ask yourself in this scenario because it's not unusual for certain components of the microwave to fail. The keypad or knobs on the microwave may start to malfunction after some time or due to other issues. Fixing such issues is rarely complicated or expensive.

However, the magnetron in the microwave can also fail and repairing or replacing this is a different prospect. The cost of replacing a magnetron is much higher. So high, in fact, that replacing the microwave may not seem like such an extreme idea.

How Old Is the Microwave?

The typical lifespan of microwave ovens is in the region of nine years. It's quite possible that the nearer the age of the microwave gets to this number, the more frequent the problems you'll experience with the microwave.

As it is with many other appliances, it rarely makes sense to repair something when it's approaching the end of its life. Repairs may only extend the age of the microwave for a little while longer. However, there's also the possibility that other parts of the microwave will fail. If the microwave is too old, it's cheaper and more convenient to just replace it.

How Much Did the Microwave Cost?

When the cost of an appliance is low, the value of each repair becomes a lot more significant. When you have an inexpensive microwave, even the cheapest repairs represent a significant percentage of its value.

On the other hand, if your microwave was quite expensive, the cost of repairs is usually insignificant compared to the cost replacement. Microwave repair, in this case, makes a lot of sense since the replacement will cost you more money than you're comfortable spending. However, if you need to replace a malfunctioning cheap microwave with another cheap microwave, this is a relatively simple decision.

For more information, reach out to microwave repair services near you.