Keeping Your Kitchen As Fresh As Possible

Posted on: 30 November 2017

So you finally have the kitchen of your dreams, and you want to be in it all the time. Or, you're looking for ways to make your existing kitchen a little homier. There's nothing more appealing to cook in than a kitchen that is extremely fresh and clean. Here are some ways to keep your kitchen in shape. 

Have a Good Organization System

It's time to get organized! Get colored food labels that let you know the date something should be thrown out by. Any time you add something to the freezer, fridge, or even the cupboard, make sure it has a sticker on it. Each week, you can easily do a sweep and remove items that should no longer be there. That is a much better strategy than waiting for things to spoil and letting their smell or appearance tip you off, don't you agree?

Get Kitchen Ventilation

Kitchen ventilation is something that's fairly easy to add. It will help clear out the smell of smoke or even cooking food that gets concentrated in the kitchen. While that can be delicious while you're cooking something good, it is also a problem when those smells get attached to surfaces in your kitchen or oil residue that's inevitably left on surface. The smells of many meals can linger there for years, creating a "unique" concoction of scents. Kitchen ventilation will help resolve this by distributing smells out of the kitchen and, ultimately, out of the house. 

Have Deep Cleaning Supplies on Hand

Most people don't love to do a kitchen deep clean, but if you do it frequently, it won't be too bad. You won't be trying to get ancient macaroni or a hairy piece of meat out from under the far corners of your fridge. Again, this is something you could do once a week. Be especially sure to pay attention to kitchen surfaces that may have oils on them. This is a big culprit in those future, hard-to-clean messes. Any surface that is left to get sticky may start to collect little bits of debris, dust, or food and become a real hassle to clean up. At the same time, your floors will love you if you give them some attention at least once a week, or whenever you spill food on them (ideally both!) These simple tips are ones to follow if you want a kitchen that stays nice for a long time.