Dryer Burning Your Clothes? How To Repair This

Posted on: 7 February 2017

Your dryer runs fairly warm in order to get your clothes and towels dry and fluffy. If your dryer is running a little too hot and is actually scorching your clothing, you could have a potential problem (and a possible fire hazard). A dryer that runs too hot can be caused from a build up of lint. That lint is a great fire-starter, but not one you want inside your home. See below for instructions on how to repair this and prevent your dryer from ruining any more of your clothing.

Clean The Lint Filter

The filter traps lint and hair collected on your clothing. With each load, that filter traps more and more lint. Eventually, it can only hold so much, so that lint is going to go elsewhere in your dryer or can get pulled all the way out through the vent at the back of your dryer. Clean the trap after each and every load, and you'll be surprised at how much lint just one load collects inside that filter. 

Vacuum The Lint Trap

Cleaning the filter itself will remove the lint you see, but what about the lint stuffed inside the trap? You probably can't fit your hand down inside the trap below where the filter sits, but your vacuum attachment should fit inside nicely. Vacuum out the inside of the trap to remove all of the extra lint, removing as much as you can to clean this area.

Vacuum Inside Your Dryer

This doesn't mean vacuuming inside the drum, but inside the dryer. To do this, unplug your dryer and turn off the gas going to it (if you have a gas dryer). Then remove the access panel so you can get inside. Carefully vacuum inside around the belts and motor to remove as much lint as possible in this area.

Clean The Flex Vent

The flexible vent at the back of the dryer can be caked with lint, making air flow nearly impossible. Clean up the vent by using a vent brush, pushing and pulling out as much lint as possible. If need be, replace the vent entirely, especially if there is too much lint to work with. Replace the vent, then clean out the vent going to the outside of your home. This can also fill up with lint. Use the brush to clean this vent out.

If your dryer is running too hot or is scorching your clothing, a lint build-up can be to blame. Clean up your dryer thoroughly and prevent your dryer from breaking down, or worse, catching fire. For more information, contact local professionals like Eco Appliance Service.